750 ml Meet The 40 Oz


We all know how wineries market to us through the use of clever labeling.  They’re quite good at it!  Now some are taking this a step further by marketing to us through the use of clever bottling.

In my last post, you got a look at a “flat wine bottle”.  In this article from Bloomberg, we take a look at bottling with nostalgia.  I’m not sure my grandmother would approve.

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Organic Wine: Ancient Wisdom or Modern Voodoo ?


Ever notice there is no “nutritional information” label on your bottles of wine?  That’s because the U.S. government does not require there to be one.  This can make things a bit tricky when you care about what you put into your body (and I know you do).

2017 seems to be the year for organic wines to begin their trending.  Yay!  You might be wondering what makes a wine ‘organic,’ ‘natural,’ or ‘biodynamic.’  I was too.  So I found this article by the fantastic folks over at the Winerist.com:

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Best Wine Cellar: Artevino II by EuroCave

I’m a collector.  I always have been.  When I was a child I collected dolls, coins, and rocks.  My tastes have evolved to include wine.  Collectors always seek ways to safely store and display our prized possessions.  For wine collectors, the Artevino II (265 30 01 3X) by EuroCave is one of the best wine cellars on the market for the money.

The Artevino II Wine Cellar has won the hearts of wine connoisseurs of all vintages and price points. Their stellar craftsmanship and amazing value impress wine lovers of all types.   This wine cellar’s flexibility between storing and displaying captured my attention immediately.

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Haier 16-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Compact wine refrigerators have risen in popularity this year.  The focus on entertaining and networking brings folks together.  When people come together, providing them with a lovely glass of wine, at just the right temperature, enhances their experience.  They will remember your party for a long time to come.

The Haier wine refrigerator (model # HVTEC16DABS) sets a high standard in this market.  The reviews and ratings on this product outrank many competitors.

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The Perfect Tyme For A Whynter Countertop Wine Cooler Review


I am excited to tell you about the Whynter countertop wine cooler.  While the Whynter wine coolers are less well-known as some of the others, I’m hoping their marketing improves.

With a commitment to ‘going green,’ Whynter takes responsibility for their impact on our planet.  It isn’t every day we encounter a company which behaves in this way.

With that in mind, the design also focuses on the consumer.  Taking into account movability and usage of space, Whynter countertop wine coolers give their owners flexibility when and where they need it.

Consistently working toward joining form and function, their product innovations create an elegant addition to any interior design theme.

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Decanting Missouri’s Wine History

Possum Grapes (Image Source)

Growing up in the state of Missouri (post-prohibition) I have many fond childhood memories involving the indigenous wild grapes.

Often, during the fall of the year, my parents, sister, and I would collect several baskets of possum grapes from which my mama would make jelly and jam.  I also remember my daddy making homemade wine under the kitchen sink but, as memory serves, he didn’t use the possum grapes with which to do it.

Now, as a resident of Alabama and owner of this site, I find myself wanting to know more about the grapes back home.  In my research, I came across information which filled me with astonishment.

Missouri grape and wine history are world famous!  Who knew?  This was not taught in my public school, given the Puritan-nuanced, tee-totaling background of almost everyone there.

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