750 ml Meet The 40 Oz


We all know how wineries market to us through the use of clever labeling.  They’re quite good at it!  Now some are taking this a step further by marketing to us through the use of clever bottling.

In my last post, you got a look at a “flat wine bottle”.  In this article from Bloomberg, we take a look at bottling with nostalgia.  I’m not sure my grandmother would approve.

One afternoon, while tasting wine in a cellar in France’s Loire Valley, sommelier Patrick Cappiello saw a familiar shape on the shelf in the tasting room—a missile-shaped glass bottle that looked nearly identical to the 40-ounce bottles he’d grown up sipping on outside of Rochester, NY.

It gave him the idea for Forty Ounce Wines. “I thought, let’s put this wine into that bottle and sell it in the States where people will recognize and identify with the shape.”

The winemaker that was hosting Cappiello, Julien Braud—a youthful fifth-generation vigneron at Domain Fief aux Dames on the western edge of the Loire—was flummoxed: Why would anyone want to put his wine into this bottle, one typically filled with sweet fruit juice and sold at supermarkets in France?

“He said, ‘Explain to me why you want to do this,’” says Cappiello, who is the wine director at Rebelle on the Lower East Side and frequently travels to France and Europe to taste new vintages.

Like anyone in need of cheap, plentiful booze, Cappiello drank forties of malt liquor in his formative years. “I was raised in a lower-middle class neighborhood outside of Rochester, surrounded by skateboarding and hip-hop and punk rock,” he says. “Forties were always a big part of that scene.”

These unexpected cultural corners use familiar vessels that are more user friendly than traditional wine bottles—no dysfunctional corks, no fragile glass. “The goal with this project is to make wine more approachable,” says Cappiello, who enlisted his friend Carolyn Frisch to design the foil labels inspired by Olde English and Mickey’s Big Mouth.

To read the rest of this innovative story, visit the good people at Bloomberg!

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