Allavino Beverage Center Review

If you’re a millennial in search for a wine cooler this one is it!  This wine and beverage center can accommodate all sorts of cool innovations (such as trendy canned wines).  If that’s what you’ve been looking for look no further!

The Allavino VSWB15-3SST FlexCount Series Wine and Beverage Center grabs the best attributes to suit both the bottled wine and the canned wine worlds!

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A unique trend has entered the wine industry!  Canned wine changes the scenery in ways some of us never before considered.  Due to this surprising and eclectic advance, some manufacturers of wine coolers have engineered products to meet the expectations of the up-and-coming millennial set.  Enter the Allavino wine and beverage center.  This wine cooler chills your bottles and your cans in a tailor-made refrigeration unit in which you’re sure to find pleasure.


What Cooling System Does The Allavino Wine And Beverage Center Employ?

To begin, the Allavino Wine and Beverage Center employs compressor-cooled technology.  This cooler contains two independent cooling units set side by side in one cabinet.

Each unit requires its own power source.

The many reviews I’ve perused state it makes a bit of noise (40-60 DB), but that is to be expected for a unit which employs two compressor cooling systems.  Very few reviewers seemed upset by the amount of noise coming from their cooler.

I’ve been in contact with a few folks who are in the industry and they claim compressor cooled units outscore their thermoelectric counterparts on nearly all points.  It’s been said manufacturers only make both models because they both sell!


How Many Cooling Zones Does The Allavino Wine And Beverage Center Have?

Next, the Allavino wine and beverage center contains three (3) cooling zones!

  • Beverage Storage Zone temperatures can be set between 39 and 64°F. This flexibility range allows the owner the option of storing canned wine, beer, soda, water, or whatever beverages suit you.
  • Wine Storage Upper Zone temperatures range between 41 and 60°F. This temperature range allows flexibility for the storing of bottled whites or reds ready for serving.
  • Wine Storage Lower Zone temperatures range between 45 and 64°F. A perfect range for storing either reds or whites and everything in between.  Also, this lower zone must be set four (4) degrees warmer than the upper one.


Is The Allavino Beverage Center Freestanding, Built-in, or Both?

Another feature designed for optimal functionality, this wine and beverage center gives you the option to use it as either a freestanding unit or a built-in.

The black and stainless steel design, popular in the wine cooler world, will fit nicely into any smart décor.    Having the functionality of a built-in or freestanding piece this unit can be placed in your kitchen or your formal dining room!


Dimensions For The Allavino Wine And Beverage Center

A bit wider than some wine and beverage centers it does have a great capacity for a variety of beverages.

The footprint for this cooler is:  33-1/2″H x 30″W x 23-1/4″D (25″ with handle).

Capacity is also a consideration when we purchase a wine and beverage center.

The capacity on the wine bottle side holds 30 standard-sized bottles.

On the beverage side a maximum capacity of 88 12-oz. cans impresses nearly everyone who has purchased this beverage center.  If you prefer to have both bottles and cans, the capacity changes to 28 bottles on the top shelf (Heineken sized bottles) and 64 cans on the remaining shelves and on the floor of the unit.


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Shelving In The Allavino Wine And Beverage Center

That brings us to a small discussion of the shelving.  On the wine bottle side, there are six (6) shelves, each with a capacity to cradle five (5) standard-sized bottles each.  Both the upper and lower zones on this side boast three (3) shelves each. 

Image Source



The beverage side contains three shelves as well.

The FlexCount Series shelving design boasts a thin but durable metal construction.  It supports the weight of your beverages while resisting sagging.

I encountered a review which stated the top shelf ‘buckled’ after being loaded with beer bottles.  The person doing the review did not state what bottles were in use, or how many, or how they were stacked.  They did not say whether their bottles were Heineken-sized or larger.

The shelves extend out a full eight (8) inches on ball bearing tracks enabling every bottle and can to be within easy reach.

One last thing about the shelves: they are removable, but they are not adjustable.


Temperature Controls In The Wine And Beverage Center

Image Source

Next, two (2) instinctively designed control panels holding digital displays and high-tech controls take guessing out of the storage of your favorite beverages.

This design allows you to monitor and adjust the temperatures in all three zones independently.

I have read the wine side holds the temperature between +/- 2.5 degrees of the chosen setting.  Given liquids warm and cool at a much slower rate than air, the temperature of the wine remains constant.



Lighting Feature In The Allavino VSWB15-3SST

As in most wine coolers and beverage centers, this Allavino uses a blue LED light to enable the easy reading of labels.  Installed in the ceiling of each side unit, the lights give off a lovely and soft ambient glow.

LED lights help to eliminate the problems of added heat and UV damage inside the coolers.


What Features Are Provided By The Doors?


On this particular wine and beverage cooler, the doors feature stainless steel frames and dual-pane tinted glass. 

This unit displays a French door design, and the manufacturer offers a choice in door handle design.  When the piece arrives at your home, you simply choose between the curved appliance handle and the towel bar handle.  Change them out later if you desire.



In conclusion, I have found the Allavino VSWB15-3SST FlexCount Series Wine & Beverage Center an awesome choice for the progressive-minded wine enthusiast.

Innovative features, stylish design, along with a one year manufacturer’s warranty make this wine and beverage cooler stand out in the crowd.

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