Beverage Center: Koldfront 7 Series 18-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

 Hey!  We’re glad you’re back!  In our attempt to write one article per weekday we’ve learned quite a lot in doing research on thermoelectric beverage centers.

We’ve encountered hundreds of reviews on different units.  We choose the wine coolers who boast the best consumer reviews across several websites.

By ‘best reviews’ we don’t mean ‘only the positive stuff’.  We also consider the poor reviews.  Let us tell you why.

We believe you deserve to know what everyone is saying, good or bad.

However, much of the time the bad reviews, themselves, are poorly done.

When we see a consumer complaint which states something like, “Don’t buy this,” but they give no details we have no choice but to ignore that review because it does not tell you anything.  We can surmise the consumer to be disgruntled but we have no idea why.

We’re telling you this because this particular product (model #TWR187ESS) has a few reviews out there which are of this nature.  We wanted to let you know about it upfront. 

We chose to review this piece anyway for a couple of good reasons.

One reason, which moved us to cover this product, is the good reviews outweighed the bad. 

Secondly, the good reviews were very thorough and informative, giving us the impression the writers were serious about what they were saying.

Enjoy the review!  (If you are lacking the time to read the whole thing now, please, bookmark us and you can come back another time.)

If you’d like to see this wine beverage center’s information without reading the review:

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Koldfront 7 Series 18-bottle Wine Cooler

Which Cooling System Does The Koldfront 18 Bottle Beverage Center Use?

As we’re all aware by now, vibration and wine do not combine well.  Disturbing the sediments tends to negatively affect the flavor and the experience of fine wines.

Fortunately, this wine cooler (TWR187ESS) employs the thermoelectric cooling system which has pleased the vining community.

As well as removing vibration, this system eliminates a lot of noise.

It is good to note these cooling systems have fans which run continuously in order to circular the cold air within the fridge and maintain even temperatures.  This continuous fan noise tends to alarm some buyers who are not aware of the nature of this type of beverage center.


How Many Zones Does The Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Have?

The Koldfront 7 Series 18 Bottle Wine Beverage Center contains dual zones.  The top zone temperature ranges between 54° to 66°F.  The lower zone temperature ranges between 46° to 66°F.

As you can see, these temperatures accommodate whites in the cooler lower zone and reds in the upper warmer zone.

These temperatures perfectly reflect the required temperatures for serving your collection to your friends, family, or co-workers.

This wine beverage center has zones which are equal in size as opposed to having a smaller upper zone (as most coolers seem to have).


Is The Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Freestanding/Built-in/or Both?

While we did read some consumer comments stating they had installed this product in their kitchen cabinetry, the manufacturer recommends free-standing installation only.

Because the heat dissipation location for this wine cooler is on its backside, adequate ventilation is a must.

We like to remind our readers that choosing to install ‘free standing’ units in a cabinet could very well damage your purchase and void your warranty.

Having said that, this wine fridge fits beautifully into nearly every room of any home.  The sleek design and quiet function accentuate most décor choices.



Dimensions And Specifications For The Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Beverage Center

As a proud member of the Koldfront 7 Series, this wine cooler’s design boasts style as well as efficiency.

It weighs in at just over 35 pounds so moving it from place to place will require minimal effort.

The footprint dimensions are:  25.33″ H x 14″ W x 22.25″ D, making it perfect for the bar, the game room, or a master suite.

Designed for a capacity of up to 18 standard-sized 750ml 2.75” Bordeaux bottles this wine cooler stands out in its class due to its compact size.

Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz

Power: 110 Watts, 1.0 Amps


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Shelving And Capacity In The Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

The manufacturer of this cooler bases shelf capacity on Bordeaux style bottles.

The four (4) wooden shelves slide out easily to give easy access to your wines.

If you wish to store larger bottles or oddly shaped bottles, the door swings to a full 180 degrees in order to remove shelving to accommodate larger bottles.

Just remember when placing non-standard bottles into a beverage center, the capacity will be diminished.


Temperature Controls For The Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

The interior temperature control panel contains LCD (not LED) displays for both zones.  I double-checked the LCD/LED thing because so many coolers use LED.  The manufacturer says it is LCD.

Located within the beverage center, itself, the display panel shines through the door making it quite easy to read and monitor the wine cooler temperatures for both zones.

Both zone controls set within one centrally located panel.   This panel contains both temperature display as well as adjustment buttons.


Lighting In The Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

As is the case with most wine beverage centers, the Koldfront 7 Series cooler contains blue LED interior lighting which helps display your bottles in a soft, non-intrusive light.

The ceiling of the unit contains the LED display.  This lighting system claims to be the best choice in wine coolers.

As we know, sunlight and incandescent lighting harm wine in that the UV rays and temperature disturbances adversely affect the life and the flavors of our vino.


Door Features For The Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Doors on wine coolers take up a lot of conversation.  Like many other units, this one (model # TWR187ESS) comes with a dual-pane, tempered glass door.  There is also a safety lock at the bottom of the door to protect your little ones (both your wine and your children).

The door swings to the right to a full 180 degrees, however, the door cannot be reversed.

The door does not appear to be ‘tinted.’  Therefore, it will require a location free from all direct lighting sources.



The Amazon reviews are mixed, as are the reviews for all items.  However, overall, this product has a high rating with many happy contributors.

The price-per-bottle value is where the Koldfront 7 Series 18 bottle wine cooler really stands out.  At the cost of $11.00 per bottle this wine cooler is an outstanding choice.

With a 90 days labor warranty and a 1 year parts warranty, we can highly recommend the Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler to you.


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