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Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Built In Wine Cooler Review


In this built in wine cooler review we took a thorough look at the Kalamera 24” 46-bottle capacity wine cooler/refrigerator (model #KRC-46DZB-TGD).  I used the “/” because some folks call them coolers, and some folks call them refrigerators.  I like to call them coolers.

I’ve been slogging through the many built in wine cooler reviews on the internet.  All of them tell you all these glowing things, focusing on all that glitters.  Very few (I’m sure you’ve noticed) tell you anything unkind about the product.  Making the sale becomes their highest priority.

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12 Bottle Wine Cooler for Wine Enthusiasts Who Have Little Space


Surfboard Wine Rack by Klineworks (Image Source)

Been surfing the web looking for information on a 12 bottle wine cooler?  Yeah, me too.  So, I’m glad we bumped into each other!  It can be overwhelming and frustrating to research products while on the internet.

It’s not that we’re picky, but we are choosy, and we have every right to be!

I know you clicked a dozen or more links and you read plenty of poorly written articles.  And yet, you find the answers you seek still hiding in the shadows somewhere . Until now.

I’d like to introduce you to the Wine Enthusiast 12-bottle wine cooler (model # 2720213W).

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