Frigidaire Wine Cooler For Your Treasured Collection

Frigidaire: a name we all remember.  My grandmother’s Frigidaire refrigerator held wonderful treats when I was growing up.  And a Frigidaire wine cooler holds wonderful indulgences today.

As far as I know, Granny enjoyed and appreciated her Frigidaire.  I hope you experience the same with the Frigidaire wine cooler.

When it comes to wine refrigeration, Frigidaire still holds a name we trust.  This Frigidaire 38 Bottle Wine Cooler – FFWC3822QS is a classic attractive black and stainless steel design.

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Which Cooling System Does The Frigidaire Wine Cooler Use?

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To begin, let’s talk about cooling.

As wine coolers go, this model (FFWC3822QS) features some nice characteristics.  One of the nicest: the condenser cooled refrigeration.

Unlike the thermoelectric coolers, temperature options range between 41 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

From what I researched, this wine cooler’s compressor also operates very quietly.  Many reviews claim the Frigidaire wine cooler out-quiets them all.

If noise is a factor for you, you will want to add this one to your list of coolers to check out.


How Many Zones Does The Frigidaire Wine Cooler Have?

Another terrific feature given to this model of cooler:  dual zones.  For optimum wine cooling, of both reds and whites, this Frigidaire works flawlessly.

Typically, reds reside in the lower deck and whites in the upper deck.  Store white and sparkling wine at 41°-54 °F and reds at 55°-64 °F.

Or if you’d rather, you can place one type of wine in this cooler, keeping the lower deck at 57° for best vino storage temp and the upper deck at whichever serving temperature you desire.

If you’re like me, sometimes you think you want something one way, to find out later you want it another way.  This is why I really like the versatility of the dual zone wine coolers.



Is The Frigidaire Wine Cooler Freestanding/Built-in/or Both?

It is noteworthy that at one place on the manufacturer’s website, it says only freestanding.  However, when checking the questions asked about this product, I learned that it can be either free-standing or under-counter installation.

Even though this information was found on the manufacturer’s website, I recommend contacting them directly to ask if the warranty would be voided if this model were used as a built-in.

Be sure to get the name of the person you speak with, and record the time and date of the call.  It’s always best to cover all your tracks.


The Dimensions For The Frigidaire Wine Cooler

The dimensions of this model are:  21-1/2″ W x 24-1/2″ D x 34″ H.  That’s just a few inches wider than many laptops!

At 4.4 cubic feet, the price-per-bottle works out to roughly twelve dollars per bottle.   You will most likely spend much more than this on your individual bottles, so the savings prove quite significant with this cooler.

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Shelving in the Frigidaire Wine Cooler

Additionally, there are five (5) slide-out shelves which provide ample storage for your collection.

These wooden shelves are not adjustable but they are removable if you want to put in other sized bottles.  It will lower your total bottle count capacity, but it’s an option that comes in handy.

Some consumers claim a drawback to Frigidaire’s shelf design. The shelves are crafted with a raised area underneath and at the rear which ‘locks’ it in place when bottles are present.  This design feature increases the difficulty of pulling the shelves forward.

However, at 4.4 cubic feet, this unit can hold up to 38 (standard-sized) bottles.  This means that if your bottles are standard Bordeaux bottles, you’ll have no issues with space.

If your bottles are non-standard, you may experience problems.  Wider Cabernet and other wine bottles are a snug fit and require a little finesse to get in and out.


Temperature Controls In The Frigidaire Wine Cooler

Another great technology, Frigidaire uses Ready-Select® Controls which allow for effortless adjustments.

The controls, located inside the cooler, allow ease of reading through the glass door.

This precision electronic temperature control has a cool blue LED digital display, which requires little effort to operate.


Lighting In The Frigidaire Wine Cooler

An LED light, installed in the ceiling of this unit, emits a soft, cool, blue glow.  This enables you to better see which bottle you’re selecting.  It also adds a nice ambience.


Door Features For The Frigidaire Wine Cooler

The door on the Frigidaire wine cooler features a ‘pop-out key’.  This automatically ejects the key when locking the door so you won’t leave it behind.

Another aspect of the door is the coveted reversible door swing.  This design grants you the option of selecting a door installation which opens either left or right, based on your needs.

Finally, the stainless steel door’s multi-pane glass displays a soft tint with UV ray protection and provides a high-quality appearance to supplement your décor and vintage collection.



The Frigidaire 38 Bottle Wine Cooler – FFWC3822QS – is a terrific wine cooler for the wine enthusiasts who wish to chill their everyday wines.

It’s a stylish design, well suited for any décor.  It runs quietly and, from what I’ve read, the customer service with Frigidaire is pretty good.

Frigidaire does have a 12-month parts and labor warranty with options for extended warranties.

I would recommend the Frigidaire 38-bottle wine cooler at a great price on Amazon.

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