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You need a wine cooler but, like Goldilocks, you want one which is ‘just right’.  Perhaps you’re a serious wine collector, or maybe you want to be.  You’re not looking for a tiny little cooler, but you aren’t in need of a gigantic one either. Either way, this NewAir wine cooler is a great choice!

I have scoured the web in search of wine coolers which would fit your situation.  To be honest, I was going to highlight another wine cooler in this spot.

But after many hours of research, and after having read one negative comment after another (poor customer service), I chose to showcase the NewAir AW-280E Wine Cooler, instead.

The folks at NewAir seem to put their customers first.  That’s important to me.  I’m hoping you agree.

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Which Cooling System Does the NewAir Wine Cooler Use?

The AW-280 E is a nice choice in wine coolers.  It is a thermoelectric unit.  So, it’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold…  I think you know where I’m going with this.

As a thermoelectric wine cooler, the NewAir AW-280 is one of the environmentally friendly choices on the market.  Since it does not have a compressor or refrigerant it is a very green choice.

These types of wine coolers operate quietly and vibration-free.  If peace and quiet are your ‘thing’ then this cooler would make a nice choice for you.  Being vibration-free is important, as a lot of vibration could adversely affect the taste of your wines.

This type of wine cooler works great in cooler climates.


How Many Zones Does the NewAir Wine Cooler Have?

To maintain specific temperature control, this unit has a spacious single zone design which is perfect for chilling wines for serving.

The single zone coolers are great for either setting storage temperatures or serving temperatures.  Although, with a low-temperature setting of 50 degrees Fahrenheit I believe the NewAir Wine Cooler is best for storage of both reds and whites, but for serving it is best for maintaining the serving temperature of reds.

I also know some fellas who use this wine cooler for a humidor for their cigars.  And one lady I read about it uses it to age the cheeses she makes.  It’s Just Right for so many uses.


Is this NewAir Wine Cooler Freestanding/Built-in/or Both?

This model is a freestanding unit.

I find the all black cabinet with chrome wire shelves to be a style which will accentuate most traditional and progressive decorating schemes very well.  This NewAir wine cooler will suit all décor choices.

Remember to give it some space for the best performance.  It will need a few inches on each side in order to have proper ventilation.

What are the Dimensions of the NewAir Wine Cooler?

This model weighs 44.2 pounds and its dimensions are 17”W x 20”D (with handle, add 2 more inches) x 28.8”H.

It’s small enough to stand proudly on a counter or nestled near a wall in the dining room.

If you want or need two of them, they’d make great end tables in a game room or bar.

Shelving in the NewAir Wine Cooler

For easy access to your cherished bottles, the six (6) sculpted chrome-plated wine racks slide out with easeEach rack holds up to four (4) standard 750ml bottles.

If you want to store bottles with a larger girth, the racks in this unit are adjustable.  Also, remember storing or cooling bottles of nonstandard sizes will affect the capacity of the cooler.  The larger the bottle the smaller the capacity.


Temperature Controls for the NewAir Wine Cooler

With the easy-to-use exterior digital temp control, every bottle of wine is chilled to the perfect tasting temperature or storage temperature.  I love that the temperature controls were placed on the outside.  This way, you don’t have to open the door and allow all the cool air to “fall out” while adjusting the climate for the wine.

To set and monitor the inside of your wine cooler, look to the touch-screen control panel and LED display.


Lighting in the NewAir Wine Cooler

There is an interior LED light for accenting your favorite wines.  LED lighting is an exceptional choice in wine coolers, as they do not produce much heat energy when they are on.  This will ensure the proper temperature is maintained.


Door for the NewAir Wine Cooler

The door on this model is an air insulated, dual pane glass.  Just like the modern more energy-efficient windows in your house, these doors are designed to help maintain the perfect interior temperature.

The only drawback I notice with this cooler is the fact the door glass is not tinted.  I reckon you could do the tinting yourself, or simply make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight and use it in a space where sunlight or other lighting will not be a factor.



From the searching I’ve done, I’ve learned the NewAir wine cooler is a great wine cooler for the price.

I recommend the NewAir Wine Cooler (model AW-208E) at a great price on Amazon!

The NewAir company appears to be very easy to work with.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee, and they state the 30-day returns are “hassle free.

They also have a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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