AKDY® Has A Terrific 21 Bottle Wine Cooler

Hello!  I’m back again with another review!  I love writing about my passion:  wine coolers!  I hope you are finding them useful and helpful in your search for the perfect unit for your home.  I’d love to hear from you!  Leave a comment in the Comment Section below!

Today’s review is for the AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler.

Whether you choose to use it on a table top or as a storage unit in your wine cellar, the AKDY® 21 bottle wine cooler allows you to enjoy your favorite wine in a most proper fashion.

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Which Cooling System Does AKDY® 21 Bottle Wine Cooler Use?

To begin, this AKDY® (model # WC0021) is a thermoelectric cooled wine cooler.   The interior, cooled by use of the Peltier Effect, remains without vibration and noise.  There are no worries concerning gasses or liquid coolants so the environment won’t be adversely affected by this wine cooler. 

(Certification: ETL Compliance with both US and Canadian Safety Standards)

With any thermoelectric cooler, some considerations must be examined.  Since the use of gasses or liquid coolants in a compressor does not exist, these coolers greatly depend upon ambient room temperatures in order to cool effectively.

Technically, they can only reach optimum temperatures when the ambient room temperatures remain at or below 77 degrees F.   Also, room temperatures need to remain at 55 degrees F. in order for the interior of the unit to not become too cool.

The thermoelectric fan cooling system for this unit reduces noise and vibration which is great for both you and your wines.  You don’t have to put up with noise and your wines won’t have any sediments being jostled around.

The manufacturer claims this unit has a low energy consumption and efficient advanced heat dissipation.  From the consumer reviews I’ve read (from the manufacturer’s website as well as dozens of forums), it appears their claims are true.

Voltage: 100-120V/ 60Hz

Power: 70W


How Many Zones Does The AKDY® 21 Bottle Wine Cooler Have?

The next point in our discussion concerns zones.  This wine cooler is a dual-zone wine cooler.  What that means is this unit has two (2) zones which have the ability to be set to separate temperatures.

Many wine enthusiasts prefer reds and whites cooled at slightly differing temperatures.  With a dual-zone wine cooler, this is achieved quite easily.

Upper zone: 44°F-66°F, 6 standard-sized bottles

Lower zone: 50°F-66°F, 15 standard-sized bottles


Is AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Freestanding/Built-in/or Both?

As with most thermoelectric wine coolers, their design requires them to be freestanding.  This is the case with this cooler.  Since a cooler of this type requires a lot of ventilation most of them are designed to stand alone and to NOT be built-in to cabinetry.

As a matter of caution, I will tell you if you choose to defy this specification and place your cooler under a cabinet your manufacturer’s warranty will likely be voided.


Dimensions For The AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

It’s always important to know the dimensions and the capacity of wine coolers.  You have to know where it will fit into your home.

The dimensions for this wine cooler are:

  • Item Weight:      46.7 pounds

When empty there is very little struggle involved in moving this wine cooler.

  • Internal Dimensions (in):       10.5″W x 13″L x 28″H

Inside this wine cooler, you will find just enough space to store the suggested 21 standard bottles.

  • External Dimensions (in):      13.38″W x 20.27″L x 32.28″H

The width of this wine cooler is less than the width of my laptop computer!  The depth and height are comparable to the nightstands I have beside my bed.

  • Bottle Capacity:    21 standard bottles

As you can see the footprint for this wine cooler is quite small.  If you don’t have much space or if you want it to stand in the corner of your bedroom it should work out fine.  Remember to leave a few inches of space between the wall and the cooler.  It vents at the back and can not be placed directly against the wall.


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Shelving In The AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

Some debate exists in the world of wine and their wine coolers.  Some experts claim wooden shelving is preferable to wire shelving.  The reason being wire racks touching wine bottles will create “cold spots” within the wine bottle and the wine will not be cooled evenly.

I don’t know if that is true or not.  I’ve been reading a lot on the topic but I’ve not found anything I’d call definitive at the time of this writing.

This cooler provides seven (7) lovely wooden shelves which do pull out to allow for easy access to your wine.  Each rack nestles three (3) bottles of wine.

There are two (2) shelves in the upper zone and five (5) shelves in the lower zone.

When you have some wine which comes in larger containers than the standard these shelves allow you to remove them from the cabinet creating more space for those larger bottles.  Of course, this affects the capacity of the cooler but will be a terrific feature should you be gifted with a magnum you want to keep for awhile before opening.

Each shelf is crafted from lightweight wood and remain ‘unfinished.’ It’s lovely you’re given the option to leave them ‘as is’ or to stain and seal them to better match your décor.


Temperature Controls For The AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

It has become almost a standard feature in wine coolers to have electronic touchpads for precise temperature control.

This model of AKDY® is no exception.  The touchpad also contains an LED lighting display so you can see at a glance where the temperature is hovering.

Adjustable temperature controls help provide the perfect environment for your wine.

Dual-zone controls allow for a range of 50°F – 66°F to accommodate the proper serving temperatures of wine in each zone.


Lighting In The AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

Blue LED lighting softly illumines the interior of this wine cabinet.

LED is the lighting of choice for wine coolers.  LED lighting puts off very little heat energy aiding the coolers in maintaining constant temperatures.

Also, LED lights offer no UV rays.  As you know, UV rays adversely affect wines and direct sunlight or other lighting sources which emit UV rays would not be ideal for wine coolers.


AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Door Features

Double-paned glass doors are a typical feature on most wine coolers.  The AKDY® leads the crowd in this feature. 

The black door frame gives your wine fridge a cool, stylish look.

However, while this door will guard against UV rays and other light, please note the door on this unit is NOT reversible.  It swings right and only right.



The AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler has great value for the money.  Its reliability is reportedly among the highest I’ve seen.  It runs quietly, eliminates vibration, and fits very well into small floor plans or on a kitchen cabinet.

I’ve read they offer a one (1) year Parts Warranty against manufacturer defects.  However, their product manual clearly states that the unit comes with a three (3) year warranty.  You may want to contact them to verify which one is valid.

I highly recommend the AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler for your home!  

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