About Us

Welcome to Frosty Market the one-stop-shop for all things cool.  My name is Ri (pronounced REE) and I’m the founder of Frosty Market, a place where you can find all of your wine refrigeration needs.

I began this site after having my first horrific online shopping experience.  Have you ever been in the market for a refrigerator or air conditioning unit and thought, “I will research it online!”?

Great idea!

After many days and after slogging through thousands of web links, reading dozens of reviews, you may have thought, “Why isn’t there just ONE place to go to view all of these choices?”

Yeah, me too.

That’s why I decided to do it myself so you could keep your cool and perhaps buy a cooler, too.  I don’t want to “sell to you.”  My intention is to provide as much information as possible so as to aid you in your purchase of a product.   After all, your choices are yours!  I respect that.  Which is why I want you to have as much information as possible in order to make a wise choice in this area.

I’m a mother of three children, stepmother to four children, and grandmother of sixteen.  And while I know shopping online can save time and money, whether you have a large family or are a single person, the time factor is often the greater consideration in the quest to save a few dollars.

Whether you’re looking to chill your favorite wine, preserve your cigars, or age some cheese, I wanted you to have ONE place you could count on to give you the latest scoop.  I hope you’ll come by often to see what we’re up to, here.  Read the articles, share them with your friends and family.

With Frosty Market, I hope to show you everything you ever wanted to know about cool stuff and make your shopping both pleasant and easy.  While we’re at it, I may throw in some ice cream recipes!  Soon, I’ll be expanding into wine gifts, accessories, etc.  So bookmark me!

Please, step inside, take a seat at the cool-kid-table and find the perfect appliance to make your life (and your wine) even cooler.