Best Wine Cellar: Artevino II by EuroCave

I’m a collector.  I always have been.  When I was a child I collected dolls, coins, and rocks.  My tastes have evolved to include wine.  Collectors always seek ways to safely store and display our prized possessions.  For wine collectors, the Artevino II (265 30 01 3X) by EuroCave is one of the best wine cellars on the market for the money.

The Artevino II Wine Cellar has won the hearts of wine connoisseurs of all vintages and price points. Their stellar craftsmanship and amazing value impress wine lovers of all types.   This wine cellar’s flexibility between storing and displaying captured my attention immediately.

This is a lengthy review, so if you don’t have time to read it now, please, bookmark us and come back later!

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About EuroCave

It would stand to reason the world’s premier manufacturer of wine coolers and cellars would be located in France. 

After all, France is the home of many of the world’s greatest and oldest vineyards.  Not to mention many mind-blowing wine collections.

EuroCave stands out in the world of wine cellars due to their attention to such high quality.  Being raised in a viticultural society may contribute to their serious standards concerning wine preservation.  If anyone understands the importance of wine storage, it would be the French!

Natural cellars protect collections against all potentially damaging external factors.  UV rays, lack of humidity, excessive vibration, work to destroy the integrity of a wine collection.  So it’s not surprising the Artevino II works to recreate the perfect conditions of a natural cellar.

Production Manufacturing Video

Artevino stands out as a very high-quality cost-effective alternative to the other EuroCave branded wine cabinets.  (The EuroCave group owns three (3) brands:  EuroCave, Transtherm, and Artevino.)


The Artevino II Cooling System

To begin, many experts in the oenological world prefer compressor-cooled systems to those systems which use thermoelectric cooling.  They are just more versatile.

Opponents of compressor-cooled refrigeration decry the vibration factor as well as the environmental concerns about gasses and fluids.  Vibration in the Artevino II is at a bare minimum.  Unique design features diminish vibration to the point it is nearly non-existent.

The Artevino II uses a compressor-cooled system filled with R134a refrigeration gas. 

As with all compressors, remember to allow the unit to sit undisturbed for at least 24 to 48 hours if possible.  Compressor units must be given time to ‘settle.’ This means the refrigerant needs time to flow back down to the bottom before beginning the circulation process upon startup.

Everyone I spoke with concerning the Artevino II stated it is quite noiseless. Aside from the slight hum when the compressor kicks in there is no sound.  This is due, in part, to the special design elements and bushings which help to eliminate vibration.

One person said, “I hear it cycle on and off – a noticeable hum similar to the refrigerator. I do notice it, but it’s not very loud and not objectionable for me.”


Artevino II Wine Cellar Zones

Another factor which differs between coolers and cellars are the zones.  Dual-zone wine coolers are meant more for serving purposes and not for long-term storage.  A wine cellar is needed for proper stowage of a collection.

This is a single zone cellar designed to store your collections.

Whether or not your preferred wine is red or white the storing temperature (55 degrees F.) is the same.  There are other factors involved in storage which does not apply to serving.

For instance, when storing wines, humidity then becomes a huge factor.  Oxidization spoils the wine.  You also don’t want too much humidity causing damage to labels or creation of mold.


Is Artevino II Wine Cellar Freestanding/Built-in/or Both

Built-in wine cellars usually require a spare room in your home.  And the cost of remodeling to accommodate a collection can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The Artevino II Wine Cellar won’t require any remodeling at all.  It is free-standing, only.

However, with its classic black casing and brushed aluminum trim, it adds charm to any tasteful décor.

The freestanding design, for any wine cooler, requires there be adequate ventilation for the unit.  The recommendation for the Artevino II requires at least three (3) inches of clearance on each side and the back of the product.

Note:  Sometimes individuals choose to disregard the manufacturer’s recommendation and use freestanding coolers/cellars as built-ins.  Remember this very well may void your warranty with the manufacturer, and could dramatically reduce the lifespan of your cellar.


Dimensions of the Artevino II Wine Cellar

Another fantastic design feature is the interior aluminum walls (no plastic!!!) of the cabinet.  Within, you may store up to 200 bottles.

The physical measurements and other info are:

  • Dimensions: 27”W x 72”H x 27-1/4”D.


  •  Weight – 282 lbs. (when empty)


  • Electrical Requirements – Plugs directly into a US 110 Volt outlet on a dedicated 15 AMP line.


  • Capacity: As I said above, the Artevino II wine cooler holds “up to” 200 bottles in a collection.


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Storing bottles with non-standard shapes and sizes affects overall capacity.  Longer Cabernet bottles don’t fit as well unless they are stored on the bottom shelf.  Odd-shaped bottles, of course, negatively affect total capacity in all coolers and cellars.

Also, when I refer to bottle capacity for a wine cooler or cellar, I am referring to the maximum quantity of “standard” Bordeaux bottles which will fit smoothly.

As we all know, there is no actual “standard size bottle” these days.  Modern technology has given us a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Some bottles are shorter but wider at the shoulder (Pinot, for example).  Others are taller and thin (like a Riesling).

Finally, if your collection contains these types of bottles, your capacity will likely be lower than what the cellar manufacturer states.

Simply keep that in mind as you consider your purchase!


Artevino II  Shelving Information

Each shelf in the Artevino II holds up to 12 standard-sized bottles.

  • This product comes with seven (7) solid beechwood shelves.
  • The shelves slide (they do not have rollers) for ease of access.
  • The universal shelving allows for more flexibility and convenience.
  • The shelves are easily adjusted.  Their positions within the cabinet can be used for either sliding, storage, or presentation of your favorite wines. 

Having the capability to also set the shelves for display of your most prized bottles entices many collectors.  Many times you will see the top shelf used for display of bottles.  Usually, those bottles have been slated for moving to a cooler.  Perhaps there is a wine-tasting party is on the horizon!

Metal “runners,” installed on both sides of the aluminum cabinet are held in place by “dowels.”  One reviewer stated the dowels are difficult to insert and remove.  After applying a small amount of beeswax to them there was no more trouble.

When a collection is a large one, locating the bottle you’re looking for can be daunting.  Many oenophiles use cellartracker in order to easily locate just the right bottle.

Cellar owners typically place bottles which are in need of laying down for longer periods of time to the rear of each shelf.  Those which will be used earlier lay at the front.


Artevino II Temperature Controls

When laying down wines to age them the importance of having a heated, cooled, and humidity controlled cabinet is of paramount importance.

The Artevino II is a wine cellar which possesses the capability of both cooling and heating in order to present a constant climate.  It also maintains the humidity level very well.  This feature adds to its appeal as it can be stored in the garage if you don’t want it in the dining room!

The updated temperature controls create a stable atmosphere and allow wines to mature under near-perfect conditions.

Liquids do not warm up or cool off as quickly as air. With a 4-5 degree air temperature fluctuation, the liquid temperature of the wine should only change by less than 1/2 of 1 degree.


Artevino II Door Features

Aesthetically, the brushed aluminum door trim pleases the eye and suits any décor.

Recessed handles placed on the left side of the door give ease of access to the collection.  The door is not reversible.


The door does contain a security lock with a key in order to safeguard your collection from theft or disturbance.

As is the case with nearly all wine coolers and cellars, the Artevino II uses U.V. protected glass in the door.  Your collection can still be seen and displayed, but the danger of U.V. rays is eliminated.


Humidity Control

The Artevino II contains an exclusive system which allows you to recreate inside your wine cellar a humidity level found in unground cellars.    

Humidity helps to seal your bottles’ corks in order to keep air from infiltrating your wine and oxidizing it.

The manual suggests, when installing your cabinet, pouring the equivalent of one glass of water onto the floor of the cabinet to activate the heat pump process.  It is not clear what the size of the glass is which is to be used, so it might take some experimentation to get it just right.

The collectors I spoke with stated the humidity has been quite stable at about 60%.  (One expert, who lives in a desert location, maintains her cabinet’s humidity hovers around 50%.)

Unfortunately, without the purchase of a freestanding humidity monitor, you will have no way to monitor the relative humidity within the cabinet as there is no monitor built into the cabinet to display this information.


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Recommendation for Artevino II

The Artevino II by EuroCave comes highly recommended by many collectors.  Some of them stated they’ve even purchased a second one to extend their collections.

EuroCave offers a two (2) year warranty on parts and labor and a five (5) year warranty on the compressor. 

So many cellars on the market today do not offer the heating/cooling feature found in the Artevino II.  Many of them cannot be stored in areas without climate control.  The Artevino offers greater flexibility in this area, as well as in maintaining humidity levels.

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  1. Bobj

    One thing I have not seen in any of the reviews of this unit, are how far out do the sliding shelves extend? This would be important to know if bottle labels in the back can be easily seen, or if front row bottles need to be removed in order to search the labels of bottles in the back. Otherwise, a niice review. Thanks for posting this.


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