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750 ml Meet The 40 Oz


We all know how wineries market to us through the use of clever labeling.  They’re quite good at it!  Now some are taking this a step further by marketing to us through the use of clever bottling.

In my last post, you got a look at a “flat wine bottle”.  In this article from Bloomberg, we take a look at bottling with nostalgia.  I’m not sure my grandmother would approve.

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Organic Wine: Ancient Wisdom or Modern Voodoo ?


Ever notice there is no “nutritional information” label on your bottles of wine?  That’s because the U.S. government does not require there to be one.  This can make things a bit tricky when you care about what you put into your body (and I know you do).

2017 seems to be the year for organic wines to begin their trending.  Yay!  You might be wondering what makes a wine ‘organic,’ ‘natural,’ or ‘biodynamic.’  I was too.  So I found this article by the fantastic folks over at the

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