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Decanting Missouri’s Wine History

Possum Grapes (Image Source)

Growing up in the state of Missouri (post-prohibition) I have many fond childhood memories involving the indigenous wild grapes.

Often, during the fall of the year, my parents, sister, and I would collect several baskets of possum grapes from which my mama would make jelly and jam.  I also remember my daddy making homemade wine under the kitchen sink but, as memory serves, he didn’t use the possum grapes with which to do it.

Now, as a resident of Alabama and owner of this site, I find myself wanting to know more about the grapes back home.  In my research, I came across information which filled me with astonishment.

Missouri grape and wine history are world famous!  Who knew?  This was not taught in my public school, given the Puritan-nuanced, tee-totaling background of almost everyone there.

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Through Love All Dregs Become Wine

Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet, Through Love all that is copper will be gold, Through Love all dregs will become wine, through Love all pain will turn to medicine. Rumi

Wine, like music, transports us to other times, other places, through a mystical warmth filled with memories and nostalgia.  This is one reason oenophiles often purchase and lovingly care for vino which must age before they are enjoyed.

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Laying Down Young Wines: Why You Need A Wine Cellar

“Laying Down” wine poetically describes the aging or maturing of your collection.  To do this properly, you need a wine cellar.

There are many wines which require maturation in order to become a pleasant tasting experience.  These wines are the antithesis of the pop-and-pour everyday wines.

Many cultures follow the tradition of laying down wines for special occasions.  Whether it’s the birth of a child, an anniversary, or some other notable event, laying down bottles of wine in commemoration is a long-standing custom.  These wines may take decades to mature.  If you’re facing an event of this sort where do you store them?


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Clay To Cans: Wine Storage Has Come A Long Way, Baby

According to, in 1996, archaeologists in northern Iran discovered some clay pot shards which were once used for wine storage.  After extensive testing, it was determined the wine was manufactured, not accidental fermentation, and it was 7000 years old.

Ancient wineries have been discovered in and near burial sites and religious temples around the world.  This expresses the mystical connection many faith systems have with the fruit of the vine.

I think all who appreciate a good glass of wine feels that connection.

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Types of Wine Coolers: What You Need to Know Before You Buy


It’s been years since I gave up the grunge band in the garage (along with the beer fridge). I’m sure you’ve noticed, since moving out of the garage and into the house, your friends and mine have picked up bits and pieces of sophistication along the way. Those bits make for a lovely mosaic, but sometimes there is too much blank space yet to fill.  Like:  what do I need to know to buy the best types of wine coolers?

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