Haier 16-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Compact wine refrigerators have risen in popularity this year.  The focus on entertaining and networking brings folks together.  When people come together, providing them with a lovely glass of wine, at just the right temperature, enhances their experience.  They will remember your party for a long time to come.

The Haier wine refrigerator (model # HVTEC16DABS) sets a high standard in this market.  The reviews and ratings on this product outrank many competitors.

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Which Cooling System Does The Haier Wine Refrigerator Use?

This wine refrigerator uses the eco-friendly thermoelectric cooling system (also called semiconductor).  Since it does not contain a compressor, this unit runs very quietly.

As we know, one of wine’s arch-enemies is vibration.  Vibration disturbs the sediments in the wine and often creates bubbles as well.  This wine refrigerator keeps vibration at an absolute minimum.

In addition, thermoelectric units offer low maintenance and high reliability.  The preset temperatures for storing wine will experience few fluctuations.  Thermal electric equipment uses no CFC, HCFC, or HCF-type refrigerants in the cooling process which make them very eco-friendly.

I also want to point out the cost of using this appliance.  One reviewer (an engineer) stated it will cost approximately $15/year to operate.  That is just a little over a $1 month in power costs! (in optimal circumstances).


How Many Zones Does The Haier Wine Refrigerator Have?

This remarkably compact wine cooler contains dual zones.

Dual zone temperature control allows for simultaneous storage of both red and white wines at varying temperatures.

Red wines, typically, reach their peak at warmer temperatures than white wines.

The upper zone temperatures range between 54-degrees to 66-degrees (for reds), lower zone from 46-degrees to 66-degrees (for whites).

The zones are isolated from each other via magnetic sealing strips.


Is The Haier Wine Refrigerator Freestanding/Built-in/or Both?

As with most compact wine refrigerators, this one is free standing, only.  It requires at least two (2) inches clearance on the back and sides and at least four (4) inches of clearance on top.

Proper ventilation of the unit helps to ensure both performance and longevity.  Countertop or tabletop display are perfect locations for this cooler.  If you have a formal dining room, the elegant black and chrome design features would only enhance the decor.

I would like to caution those consumers who plan to utilize this cooler, or any thermoelectric cooler, as a built in:  Don’t do it!  Unless the manufacturer expressly states their product may be used in this manner, I wouldn’t risk it.  One, it could void your warranty, and two it could greatly diminish the longevity of your purchase.


What Are The Dimensions For The Haier Wine Refrigerator?

This wine cooler will house up to 16 bottles of your favorite red and/or white wines at optimum temperatures.

Empty, this unit weighs in at 38.4 pounds.

The footprint dimensions are: 20.3”D x 33.4”H x 9.9”W.

Keep in mind you’ll need to factor in another half inch or so on the width when the door is open.

With a 16 cu. ft. interior capacity, this wine cooler can store up to 16 standard-sized bottles.  (A standard-sized bottle being a 750ml Bordeaux bottle.)  If you intend to chill bottles which do not meet this standard, your capacity could be negatively affected.

The cord measures 2 meters in length, black, with a straight 3-prong plug.


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The Haier Wine Refrigerator Shelving Information

This model of the Haier wine refrigerator comes with six (6) full-width sculpted chrome storage racks.  These racks cradle two bottles each.

Plus, there is one flat metal drawer in the center of the unit which adds another two bottles to the capacity. 

Finally, two bottles can be placed on the floor of the unit totaling 16 bottles. 

The shelves are removable to accommodate bottles of larger sizes.  However, this will lower the overall capacity of the product.

The shelves are not adjustable.


The Haier Wine Refrigerator Temperature Controls

The external temperature controls for this wine cooler makes for ease of use as well as convenience in monitoring.

The dual touch screen controls come with two (2) LED displays.  One display for each ‘zone.’   

This allows you to independently adjust the temperatures for each zone to the perfect serving temperatures.

The temperature range for the upper compartment ranges between 46-66F, and the lower between 54-66F.

From my research on this product, I’ve read it maintains temperatures very well. 

Also, the switch for turning on/off the LED light is placed on this panel for ease of access.


The Haier Wine Refrigerator Interior Lighting

Proper lighting makes it easier to organize and view a wine collection without damaging the wine.  Incandescent or fluorescent lighting are NOT preferred in the industry.

Incandescent lights create heat as well as rays which are not beneficial to the wine.  Fluorescent lights can also be damaging for the same reasons.

This wine cooler uses a soft blue LED light in the ceiling of the cabinet.

The light has a manual on/off switch accessible on the touch control panel located on the outside of the door.


The Haier Wine Refrigerator Door Features

The door on a wine cooler has two jobs: visual attraction and safety.

The curved door featured on this cooler presents a very stylish appearance.  The smoky double-pane black glass works to repel UV rays as it maintains the class of your décor.

The door’s hinge is placed on the right so that it opens left to right.  The door is not reversible on this model.  The ‘handle’ is recessed adding to the space-saving features of this refrigerator.

One of the few negative reviews on this product had to do with the door.  One reviewer stated the door on his unit developed condensation between the panes of glass.  It didn’t affect the reliability of the unit, however. 


Recommendation for The Haier Wine Refrigerator

Overall, I believe this thermoelectric, dual-zone wine cooler to be a great choice.  Whether you’re an apartment dweller or live in a penthouse, the design and style of this product will fit any décor, and the small footprint means it won’t take up a lot of valuable space.

I highly recommend the Haier HVTEC16DABS 16-Bottle wine refrigerator.

It’s compact, easy to maintain, and comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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