The Perfect Tyme For A Whynter Countertop Wine Cooler Review


I am excited to tell you about the Whynter countertop wine cooler.  While the Whynter wine coolers are less well-known as some of the others, I’m hoping their marketing improves.

With a commitment to ‘going green,’ Whynter takes responsibility for their impact on our planet.  It isn’t every day we encounter a company which behaves in this way.

With that in mind, the design also focuses on the consumer.  Taking into account movability and usage of space, Whynter countertop wine coolers give their owners flexibility when and where they need it.

Consistently working toward joining form and function, their product innovations create an elegant addition to any interior design theme.

No time for a thorough review?  Not a problem.  Please, bookmark us so you can come back later!  Until then:

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Which Cooling System Does This Whynter Countertop Wine Cooler (Model # WC-201TD) Use?

The Whynter 20-bottle wine cooler uses the vibration-free thermoelectric cooling system.  These coolers contain no gasses or liquid coolants.  Instead, they employ the Peltier effect  in order to draw heat away from the interior of the unit.

This effect occurs when an electrical current runs between two different conducting metal plates, thus eliminating the need for coolants and compressors.

The use of the latest in solid-state components increases the life of these units.  The only moving parts are fans which circulate air for better temperature distribution and consistency.


About Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric technology functions with nominal noise and vibration safeguarding against disturbing the delicate wine sediment in our favorite vintage.

I’ve read dozens of reviews pertaining to countertop wine coolers of this type where the consumer complains about the noise level.  However, they rarely (if ever) mention how they have the units set up.

In order for this type of cooler to run quietly, the ‘leveling feet’ must be set so that the appliance remains completely level.  Otherwise, the fan will ‘wobble’ and begin to make noise.  Keep that in mind when setting up your cooler.

One other note:  with a thermoelectric cooler, the ambient temperature which surrounds it must be within 20 degrees of it’s highest and/or lowest settings.  Ambient temperature plays a part in how well your product maintains it’s internal temperature.  Exposure to the elements and direct sunlight creates an adverse effect.  Placing a thermoelectric cooler outdoors or in a garage greatly reduces its ability to cool.


How Many Zones Does This Whynter Wine Cooler Have?

For those wine drinkers who prefer either reds or whites (but not both) this model (WC-201TD) wine cooler fits the bill.  Or, if you do like both reds and whites why not purchase two of this model?

This 20-bottle Whynter wine cooler is a single-zone model, making it ideal as a service fridge for cooling your every-day wines to their perfect temperatures.

Imagine arriving home at the end of a long day and having all your wine perfectly chilled and waiting for you!  Simply pour a glass (or two) and relax.


Is This Whynter Wine Cooler Freestanding/Built-in/or Both?

As we find with most coolers of this type, this countertop wine cooler design performs as a freestanding unit.

Intended for countertop or tabletop locations, this sleek black unit presents a stylish and compact addition to your kitchen, dining room, or pontoon party barge!

Some people do, of their own accord, use thermoelectric freestanding units as built-ins.  Because these coolers require a lot of space for ventilation, this idea is not recommended.  Also, if a person does make it a built-in, it could very well void the warranty on the product.


What Are The Dimensions For This Whynter Wine Cooler?

Dimensions help us to determine where we will place an item.

The WC-201TD Whynter wine cooler weighs in at 33 pounds. 

Lightweight enough to be moved easily when empty.  Since we don’t want it empty, you might want to ask friends for help moving it to the game-room when entertaining in there.

The footprint dimensions are  22″ H x 16″ W x 20.5″ D.

Interior capacity measures 20 cubic feet and is roughly 13” by 13” (give or take).  That information benefits the cigar aficionados, as well as the cheesemakers who often visit here.  (See the many awesome things you learn on this site?)

Wine bottle capacity holds up to 20 standard-sized bottles.  Remember, “up to” and “standard-sized” means if your bottles’ measurements deviate from the standard your overall capacity will decline.

For instance, standard Bordeaux bottles fit very well.   However, the bottles for Pinots and Syrahs, being wider, will not fit comfortably in this unit, affecting capacity.  I did read larger bottles fit nicely in the bottom of the unit.


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Shelving Information For This Whynter Wine Cooler (Model # WC-201TD)

Countertop wine cooler manufacturers typical use one of two kinds of material for their shelving:  wood and stainless steel wire.

This 20-bottle Whynter wine cooler contains five (5) premium stainless steel scalloped chromed shelves.  The ‘scallops’ create a nice indentation where the bottles will be snugly nestled.

The shelves do offer the option of being removable, but they do not offer adjustability.  So if you’re wanting to store larger bottles, you can remove a shelf in order to make room for them.  Larger bottles also fare well in the bottom if the lowest shelf is removed.


Temperature Control For The Whynter Wine Cooler (Model # WC-201TD)

As countertop wine coolers go, those with the temperature/lighting controls placed on the outside of the unit seem to make the most sense.  With the location of the controls set within you gain heat inside the unit each time the controls need to be accessed.

Whynter has placed its soft-touch digital control panel at the top front of the door on the outside of the unit.  The panel provides intuitive and precise temperature control.

The adjustable thermostat allows for temperatures to be set between 46 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  So you can keep white wines cooler or red wines a touch warmer.


A Word About The Reviews

Normally, consumers will bemoan the fact their thermoelectric cooler doesn’t ‘hold the temperature’ very well.  After reading forums, blogs, and reviews of this product, NOT ONE time did anyone mention that problem for this product.  Impressive!

In all the research I did on this item, only one problem arose: when a power outage occurs, the cooler reverts to its default setting.  That setting proves too cold for reds. I haven’t read about a way to change the default setting. You may want to keep that in mind if you live in an area prone to thunderstorms.


Interior Lighting For The Whynter Wine Cooler

Wine coolers usually offer soft interior LED lighting.  This featured design enhances the appearance of the countertop wine cooler as well as allowing easy reading of wine labels.

True to form, the Whynter 20-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler comes equipped with a soft blue interior LED light.

The makers of this wine cooler also included an external on/off switch for the light.  Located on the temperature control panel, outside the cooler, the light switch allows convenient control of ambience.


Door Features For The Whynter Wine Cooler

I really like the look of the door on this Whynter wine cooler.  Most countertop wine cooler doors contain some tinting but the Whynter’s door glass out-classes most others.   They call it ‘black tinted mirror glass’.  It certainly lends an air of class to it.

As we all know, there are four (4) things which harm wine:  vibration, humidity (either too much or too little), temperature, and light.  The design of the Whynter wine cooler’s door provides added protection from light rays which would otherwise adversely affect the consistency of the wine.

The black mirror glass door with a sleek black cabinet combine to create a very stunning look.  And utilizing the space-saving design recessed handle, Whynter’s dedication to form and function subtly shines through.


Recommendation For The Whynter Wine Cooler

In conjunction with the fabulous specifications, above, the Whynter WC-201TD has earned the ETL Listed Mark. 

The ETL Listed Mark indicates to consumers that the product has been tested by an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) and found in compliance with accepted national standards.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons this product rates a lot of stars on every site I visited while researching.

It also comes with a One-year limited warranty.

Finally, I highly recommend the Whynter 20-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler!  It is by far one of the best countertop wine coolers I’ve researched.

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